April 28, Day of Mourning: Mourn the dead, fight for the living

Fredericton – On April 28, the Day of Mourning, ceremonies will be held in New Brunswick to remember the workers killed or injured on the job.

Every April 28th, citizens across the country and around the globe gather to remember workers that were killed or injured at work. In Canada, on average, a worker dies every eight hours. In 2015, over 9,500 New Brunswickers were injured on the job while 14 people lost their lives as a result of a workplace injury or disease.

It was CUPE’s National Health and Safety Committee who in 1984, first proposed the idea of a day to remember workers injured or killed on the job. Soon after, CUPE at the national, provincial and local levels, along with the Canadian Labour Congress, began to recognize April 28th as the Day of Mourning.

“On this day each year we take the time to raise awareness about worker’s safety and encourage employers across the province to establish practices that ensure their workers return to their families at the end of each shift,” said Daniel Légère, CUPE NB president.

“We are inviting Citizens to take the time to remember workers killed or injured on the job on April 28th, by participating in the Day of Mourning Ceremony in their area. The ceremonies are organized by the New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) at the following locations: Bathurst, Fredericton, Moncton, Miramichi and Saint John.

28 April ceremonies:

  • Bathurst: Thursday, April 28 at 12 :00 p.m. (noon). Day of Mourning Monument near Sacred Heart Cathedral, Douglas Avenue. For more information, contact John Gagnon at (506) 545-0651.
  • Fredericton: Thursday, April 28 at 12 :00 p.m. (noon). Fredericton Fallen Fire Monument, south bank of Saint John River. For more information, contact Alex Bailey at (506) 999-7206.
  • Moncton: Thursday, April 28 at 12 :00 p.m. (noon). Cenotaph in Bore Park. For more information, contact Éric Albert, (506) 381-6918.
  • Saint John: Thursday, April 28 at 12 :00 p.m. (noon). Day of Mourning Monument, Frank & Ella Hatheway Center at Rockwood Park. For more information, contact George Vair at (506) 672-1412.
  • Miramichi: Thursday, April 28 at 6 :00 p.m. March from City Hall to the monument behind the Kin Center, 100 Newcastle Blvd. For more information, contact Sandra Colford at (506) 424-8178