Public and Private Sector Pay: Why Workers Need to “Break the Mandate”

On Monday, March 19th, the Daily Gleaner published an editorial misrepresenting the position of CUPE members and attacking the right of public sector unions to exist. Why is the Daily Gleaner so opposed to the betterment of the working conditions in this province? Painting ordinary CUPE members – our plow operators, licensed practical nurses, educational assistants, municipal workers, nursing-home caregivers … Read More

Breaking the Mandate in New Brunswick

This Thursday and Friday, close to 300 public employees and elected union leaders from all sectors have met at a bargaining conference called “Breaking the Mandate – Bargaining Forward”. The aim of the conference was clear : CUPE locals will coordinate their bargaining efforts and prepare for mass action to obtain better wages. “For years, provincial government has tried to … Read More

NB must keep Extra-Mural under public control

CUPE NB opposes the recent decision made by the Government of New Brunswick (GNB) to hand over management of the Extramural Program and Tele-care to Medavie. We agree with the CEO of the Vitalité Health Network, who asserted that this deal, like in the case of Sodexo, is a clear case of privatization. This means loss of public power. Now, … Read More

Privatization in Healthcare: Expect Superbugs and Reheated Food

FREDERICTON: Both Vitalité and Horizon Health Networks are about to sign a 10-year deal to privatize management and operation of hospital food service, environmental services and patient transportation. “We were informed that 280 full-time equivalent positions will be affected in the decision to sell off publicly run services to Sodexo, a French multinational corporation,” said Norma Robinson, President of New … Read More

Keep Rural Stores Open: NB Liquor Union

Fredericton – The union representing NB Liquor workers, CUPE Local 963, asks the government to stop the planned closures of NB Liquor stores in Lamèque, Petit-Rocher and Cap-Pelé.  Replacing profitable stores and handing over the work to the private sector through agency stores is an attack on rural New Brunswick. The Petit-Rocher store alone has made over 1 million dollars in … Read More

Paul Moist, Tom Mulcair Join CUPE NB Members in Campbellton

Paul Moist, National President of CUPE joined members of CUPE NB on a hot and sunny day in a Campbellton park for a barbeque and discussion about CUPE’s stance in the election. He took the opportunity to thank members in the province for all of their hard work, saying that CUPE members make their communities the places that they are, … Read More

EI Study correctly identifies problem, but gets the solutions wrong: CUPE

The Presidents of Canadian Union of Public Employees New Brunswick, PEI, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador responded to the study of Canada’s Employment Insurance (EI) system with the following statement:   The Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) study is correct in saying that EI needs fixing, but ignores the realities of regional economics and fails to offer … Read More