CUPE Local 963 applauds no privatization of NB Liquor

Feb 29, 2012: The Union representing the New Brunswick liquor workers, CUPE Local 963, is pleased that the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation is recommending that Alcool NB Liquor not be privatized.

“NB Liquor has performed solidly since its inception, and has provided the taxpayers of New Brunswick with millions of dollars each year towards public services such as health and education,” says Martha Thompson, President of CUPE Local 963.  “I am pleased that this asset will be protected for the future of our province.”

The Strategic review of the future of Alcool NB Liquor released today by the Corporation makes a convincing business case of the merits of this Crown Corporation.  In 2011 alone, NB Liquor remitted $162 million to the government purse – income that has shown steady upward growth over the last 35 years.

“In the past ten years, NB Liquor remitted $1.4 billion to the provincial government. In addition, it boasts the lowest cost-to-expense ratio in Canada, something that New Brunswickers can be proud of,” said Thompson.

“Each successive government has asked NB Liquor to consider privatization, either through a partial or wholesale sale-off, or privatizing retail services,” explains Thompson.  “We think it’s time to stop asking NB Liquor to jump through hoops, and let it do what it does best –  which is providing us with good customer service, social responsibility and reliable steady growth.”

CUPE Local 963 represents over 500 liquor store and warehouse workers across New Brunswick.