Day of Mourning Ceremonies 2022

April 28th is the labour movement’s most solemn day, but also one to refocus our commitment to prevent future workplace injuries and deaths. Every year, thousands of workers, friends and families of fallen workers gather at ceremonies across Canada to recognize the National Day of Mourning for workers killed or injured on the job.

This year, we will gather in communities across the country and online. As we mourn for the dead, the Canadian Union of Public Employees continues to fight for the living.

Find an event near you:

Bathurst & District Labour Council
Day of Mourning Ceremony
Near Sacred Heart Cathedral, Douglas Avenue, Bathurst
Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 12:15 p.m.
John Gagnon 506-454-0651

Edmundston & District Labour Council
Day of Mourning Ceremony
Park next to City Hall on Canada Road
Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 11:30 a.m.
Lorn Martin 506-737-7063

Fredericton & District Labour Council
Day of Mourning Ceremony
12:00 noon at the Fallen Firefighters Monument on St. Ann’s Point Drive in Fredericton. For more information contact George Nickerson, CUPW Local 054 at 1-902-580-0375.

Miramichi & District Labour Council
Day of Mourning Ceremony
In front of Miramichi City Hall (on the Newcastle side)
April 28 at 6:00 p.m.
Contact: Theresa McAllister 506-424-1417

Moncton & District Labour Council
Day of Mourning Ceremony
Cenotaph in Bore Park (Riverfront)
Thursday, April 28, 2022, at 12:00 p.m.
Melissa Brown 506-872-4643

Bring wages in long-term care up to par with healthcare

Fredericton, April 14, 2022 – CUPE Local 5446, representing more than 550 Shannex care home workers in NB, along with the NB Council of Nursing Home Unions (NBCNHU), representing more than 4,600 nursing home workers in our province, is inviting the Government of New Brunswick to adjust wages for all long-term-care workers to the same levels as in healthcare.

CUPE locals have lobbied and fought hard to improve wages for workers in all sectors. With the 2021 CUPE strike, healthcare workers were among those able to make Premier Higgs listen to the urgent need in their sector. Workers in healthcare won over 15% to 17% increases in wages, which had been stagnant for years. In long-term care, however, where there is no real right to strike, wages have remained below inflation.  “In Shannex establishments and in all other nursing homes, the need to bring wages up to par with healthcare is very real,” declared Hope Cyr, President of CUPE Local 5446. “Every week we are losing LTC workers, who, understandably, are going over to work in hospitals where they are better compensated,” added Cyr.

“The strike had a vast positive domino effect on other sectors, including for the Cabinet ministers themselves, who recognized they also needed a cost-of-living adjustment to their salaries,” said Stephen Drost, President of CUPE NB. “Long-term care workers and special care workers should also benefit from a similar wage adjustment,” he added.

Back in September 2021, before the October strike, the NBCNHU held a press conference to demand Premier Higgs agree to the union’s proposed immediate 4$/hour wage increase MOU (Memorandum of Agreement) for all CUPE classifications in long-term care homes.

“We lobbied the government to increase care hours, but residents are still not getting the minimum care hours guaranteed under the Nursing Homes Act because of the critical lack of staff” reminded Sharon Teare, President of the NBCNHU. “It’s time the Premier made some bold moves to fix the crisis,” said Teare.

“The province can act now for all workers in long-term care and special care, from LPNs to care aides to environmental staff. They should not delay and delay and wait until a strike is declared to begin thinking about improving our situation,” concluded Hope Cyr.


Register your Local for Organizing 4 Power training sessions

All Locals and Councils heading into bargaining and or wanting to increase membership engagement and participation are invited to the Organizing 4 Power training session, which begins on May 10, 2022.

This training is about high membership participation and organizing to win. There are countless examples of labour victories using the methods, here in the Atlantic region as well as many wins in the United States and across the world, as workers are pushing back. For example, Bargaining Forward CUPE NB, Dalhousie University union organizing success in joining PSAC, Amazon Labour Union’s amazing union drive, Starbucks organizing, and many more. Workers were able to stand up to hostile governments and large corporations and overcome many union-busting tactics.

The training is free and requires workers to sign up as a group. For our workers, this would be possible if Locals and Councils worked collaboratively. For example, someone from your bargaining team, Executive, Sub-unit Executives, and or other activists in your rank and file.

The training is based on the Jane McAlevey methodology with hands-on tools and support to organize to win. Workers can win better contracts and improve working conditions. The examples above are just a few and there are many more proven labour victories in the past 5 years using these strategies.

Registration is now open until May 3, 2022 for Organizing for  Power’s Core Spring/Summer Fundamentals Training. This upcoming training, which launches May 10 and runs six consecutive Tuesdays until June 14, builds on the core organizing concepts of what it takes to win hard battles in today’s class war. Learn more about the program here, and register your group of 10 or more by our May 3 deadline to join our global community organizing to build the power required to win.

Check out this video for a good example of the kinds of victories that groups taking OP4 courses are achieving. It’s a great way to introduce your colleagues to what we mean by organizing to win.

In this pilot episode, we talk with German hospital workers who just won a groundbreaking collective agreement through rigorous preparation and the power of the strike. A number of these hospital workers took the most recent O4P training to prepare this inspiring campaign.

Follow OP4 on Twitter:

NB budget lacks visionary public sector investments

Fredericton This Tuesday, March 22, NB Finance Minister Ernie Steeves presented the 2022-2023 provincial budget.

“This is a surplus budget, but there is good news to be found in affordable childcare, thanks to the Federal program fund, healthcare investments, and a one-year rent cap at 3.8% for residential tenants,” said Stephen Drost, President of CUPE NB.

Click here to see the GNB 2022-2023 budget

“The 2021 strike showed to all that Government had the ability to pay front-line workers and help them deal with cost-of-living increases. With the hundreds of millions still leftover in surplus, I wish Higgs would act to bring wages in long-term care up to par with those in healthcare,” added Drost.

CUPE NB is concerned with the anti-Keynesian approach chosen by the provincial government.  “Instead of reinvesting the revenue generated by corporate property in improving public services and building affordable public housing, Higgs chose to give tax cuts to big property owners while the economy is in an upswing,” said Drost.

“The Conservatives are cutting GNB’s ability to intervene in a positive manner by $112 million (by 2023) to give tax cuts to big property owners,” said Drost. This is done through the following:

  • Property tax cuts (15%) to non-residential (industrial and commercial) property owners and other “residential” properties such as nursing homes; &
  • Property tax cuts (50%) to non-owner-occupied residential properties (such as apartment and rental buildings).

“This will increase housing speculation and construction for higher-income tenants, but it will do little where the market has failed, such as is the case with affordable housing,” said Drost.

CUPE NB notes the lack of imagination and big vision shown in this budget. As we emerge out of the pandemic, New Brunswickers would greatly benefit from innovative ideas such as:

  • A full network of 24/7 public health clinics for non-urgent care.
  • Public daycare centres in public workspaces such as schools, universities, and hospitals
  • Electrification of the school bus fleet
  • Affordable public housing in rural areas
  • A real immigration department to structure, improve, and better coordinate support for newcomers

Retro Pay – Provincial Government Should Pay Damages to Workers

Fredericton, March 16, 2022 CUPE locals representing Part I of the NB public services (Local 1190, 1251, 1418 and 1840) and CUPE NB held a press conference today. The locals announced they have just filed a formal complaint with the NB Labour and Employment Board to demand immediate repayment of retroactive pay owed to close to more than 4,100 CUPE members (*this number does not include retirees who could be affected by this).

“The Government has failed to meet its own legal obligations under Section 63(1) of the Public Service Labour Relations Act to implement provisions of the new collective agreements within ninety days from the date of their execution. That includes making retroactive payments to workers – that means pay for work already done,” said Stephen Drost, President of CUPE NB.

In their joint complaint, the CUPE locals ask the Labour and Employment Board to declare that the employer has broken the law and order it to do the following:

  1. Immediately implement the provisions of the collective agreements and make the payment of retroactive monies owed to the affected workers;
  2. Immediately provide a detailed breakdown, for each affected worker, of the calculation of the retroactive monies owed to them to ensure no mistakes were made (as many vigilant Local 1840 members discovered their retro pay was riddled with errors).
  3. Immediately pay compensatory damages to the affected workers; and
  4. Immediately pay punitive damages to the affected workers due to the government’s egregious conduct.

“On March 14, during a pre-hearing conference with the Labour Board, we have heard GNB representatives say that they think they it could be until October 2022 until everybody is paid. This is absurd,” said Chris Curran, President of Local 1251.

The Government should have foreseen the need to prepare for eventual retro-pay adjustments. “This was obvious before the strike was even commenced, as the government had let the collective agreements of most locals remain expired for over 4 years,” said Shawna Morton, President of Local 1418.

“In healthcare, where payroll is handled internally and not through Service New Brunswick, they have completed the retro payments for over 9,000 members in Local 1252.  Finance and Treasury Board should have been ready to finish the job on time or in half the time it took in healthcare,” said Brent Wiggins, President of Local 1190.

“Why did they not provide the Service New Brunswick staff who handles the payroll with the proper resources to process it all?” asked Patricia Brewer, President of Local 1840. “Let’s be clear: I don’t blame the Service New Brunswick workers, I blame their employer for setting them up to fail,” she added.

At a hearing before the Labour Board scheduled on Monday, March 21, the CUPE locals will present their arguments in opposition to the employer’s applications in which it seeks an extension of the 90-day deadline for the payment of retroactive monies.  “Every day that goes by is an injustice to workers. We hope for a speedy resolve to this situation,” concluded Drost.

CUPE NB 2022 Convention Congrès 2022 du SCFP N.-B.


I’m sure everyone is wondering about convention call, so here is a quick update:)

CUPE NB convention will be held virtually on April 1st and 2nd, 2022.

Registration will be online but directly to Encore, the tech company. Sandy, Steve, Sharon, Simon and I met with them yesterday by zoom and we should receive the updated quote very soon, as some things changed yesterday in regards to the quote we had received. This quote will dictate the price of registration as per our bylaws that state convention will be cost neutral. You will send payment to me at the below address. Please call if you have any questions.

As soon as we receive the info from Encore, the link to registration will be posted on the website and will go out through provincial presidents by email and also by mail.

Any local that didn’t receive resolutions forms by mail from me should please contact me as I don’t have the correct president’s mailing address. Some bounced back although many less than last year.

The provincial presidents all sent out resolutions forms and will do the same with convention call,  But please contact me at the info below if you don’t get it by mail with # of delegates allotted.

I’m working all weekend and have meetings Monday and Tuesday, but will also be working on this as I receive information.

Thank you and have a great week, thanks for all you do!!

Talk soon,




  Je suis persuadée que tous se questionnent quant à la convocation au congrès, alors voici une brève mise à jour. 🙂

    Le congrès du SCFP NB aura lieu virtuellement les 1er et 2 avril 2022.  

    L’inscription se fera directement en ligne via l’entreprise technologique Encore.   Sandy, Steve, Sharon, Simon et moi-même avons participé à une rencontre Zoom avec eux hier et devrions recevoir une soumission actualisée bientôt puisque des changements ont été apportés à la soumission reçue auparavant.   Cette soumission déterminera les frais d’inscription selon nos règlements qui prévoient que le congrès n’entraînerait pas de coûts supplémentaires.   Vos paiements devront m’être acheminés à l’adresse indiquée ci-dessous. Veuillez communiquer avec moi pour toute question. 

   Dès réception de l’information d’Encore, le lien pour l’inscription sera affiché sur le site Web et les présidentes/présidents en feront également la distribution par le biais de courriels et par la poste. 

Les sections locales n’ayant pas reçu par la poste les formulaires de résolutions de ma part doivent communiquer avec moi puisque je n’ai pas la bonne adresse postale de la présidente/du président. Certains messages ne sont pas parvenus aux destinataires ; par contre, bien inférieur à l’année dernière. 

   Les présidentes/présidents provinciaux ont distribué les formulaires de résolutions et feront de même avec la convocation au congrès. Mais veuillez communiquer avec moi aux coordonnées ci-dessous si vous ne le recevez pas avec l’attribution de délégués. 


   Je travaille toute la fin de semaine et serai en réunion lundi et mardi mais je donnerai également suite à toute information dès que reçue.  

  Merci pour tout ce que vous faites et bonne semaine!

                       A bientôt,