Standing Committees are governed by the CUPE NB Division Constitution. Each Standing Committee works on a specific policy/program area and advises the Executive Board on actions to consider on behalf of CUPE members.While various committees have been designated as standing committees, this in no way precludes the possibility of other committees being established from time to time as may be required.
CUPE NB members shall only sit on one standing committee at a time. Members of the Executive Committee shall not be eligible to run for any of the standing committees. Currently, each committee must have a amongst its membership a Vice-President and a staff advisor as appointed in section 8.4 of the CUPE NB Constitution.
Currently, CUPE NB has eight standing committees:
  1. Education Committee
  2. Health and Safety and Environment Committee
  3. Contracting-out Committee
  4. Equality Committee
  5. Pensions and Insured Benefits Committee
  6. Women’s Committee
  7. Global Justice Committee
  8. Political Action Committee