What is a CUPE Local?

A local union, often called local, is the branch of our union located close to where you live and/or work. Locals are typically designated by numbers, for example, CUPE Local 1234. They are made up of members like you and leadership you elect from your within your ranks. You belong to your local, which is within your province.

In New Brunswick alone, there are over 200 CUPE locals of various sizes. The smallest local has half a dozen members while the largest has almost 10,000 members.  Across Canada, there are more than 2,382 CUPE locals.  Nearly every community in the country has one or more CUPE locals. Many locals or sub-locals are affiliated to a provincial council to help coordinate together their bargaining, campaigns, lobby efforts and much more.

Leadership through membership

Fellow CUPE members are elected to leadership positions within their local.  Locals set their own bargaining demands, work with the national representative to negotiate their collective agreement, handle grievances with employers, and decide what issues the members want to support.

Major CUPE locals and councils across New Brunswick
Local 963
N.B. Liquor Corporation
Local 1190 General Labour and Trades, Part I
Local 1418 Rehabilitation, Therapy and RCPO (Recreation and Culture Program Officers)
Local 1840 Provincial Court Stenographers
Local 1866 Workplace Health Safety and Compensation Commission
Local 1251 Institutional Care and Services (Correctional and other)
Local 1252 New Brunswick Council of Hospital Unions (NBCHU)
Local 1253 NB Council of School District Unions
Local 2745 Educational support staff
Local 5017 NB Community College
Local 5026 Collège communautaire du N.-B.
NBCSU NB Community Service Unions
NBCME NB Committee of Municipal Workers
NBCNHU NB Council of Nursing Home Unions