Tax increases – Government took the right decision

FREDERICTON ( March 27,2013): The Canadian Union of Public Employees in New Brunswick (CUPE NB) is commending the provincial government for returning the personal income tax rates to the 2006 level .

“We are pleased that the provincial government finally decided to take on our revenue problems. New Brunswick needed to get back to a progressive tax system where everyone paid their fair share of taxes”, said Daniel Légère, CUPE NB President.

“We commend the government’s decision to stay away from the consumers’ tax increase, health levy or hold a referendum to consider highway tolls or an HST increase.  Those are regressive taxes which hurt the ones in our society who live on low and fixed income.”

“Over the years, we have been getting deeper in the hole.  The lack of revenues had a devastating effect on public services New Brunswickers needs.  Many services were reduced or eliminated over the past year.”

“Unfortunately, the government waited too long before taking action. This year, the budget contains measures that will impact all New Brunswickers. The budget for the health services is frozen for two years which really means a reduction of 12% if you take into account the inflation.  This measure will have a devastating effect on the level of services provided to New Brunswickers.”

“We will have to wait for the budget estimates to know all the details but with $230 million in cuts across departments, services will be slashed.  What is worrisome are the cuts of $4.2 million for child services, cuts of $11.2 million to public safety and a reduction of $26 million for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

“This budget also takes another shot at public servants. Since coming into power, the government reduced the public services by over 1,700 positions. Furthermore, the benefits of the workers left behind are being targeted” concluded Légère.