CUPE NB leadership preparing to fight government austerity measures

FREDERICTON: The provincial leadership of the New Brunswick Division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) met this week to discuss the impact of the Government Strategic Review on public services.

“CUPE NB leadership is very concerned by the direction the government is taking.  The decision last week to scrap the legislative requirement to hold a referendum on a Harmonized Sales Tax  (HST) increase is a clear indication that the government is heading on the wrong path,” declared Daniel Légère, President of CUPE NB.

“New Brunswick has a revenue problem that could be fixed by restoring corporate tax rates, closing loopholes and increasing taxes on top incomes.  Increasing consumption taxes, like the HST will impact the low income families who are already financially struggling.”

“CUPE NB cannot stay still; there is too much at stake.  We will push back the government austerity measures. During our 2-day meeting, we put together the foundation of a strategic plan.  We need to push back the government austerity agenda, not only for our members but for all New Brunswickers.”

“Our communities can’t afford to lose more public services.”

“Instead of focusing on cuts, the government should put its energy on growing the economy, improving wages, jobs, incomes and public services for New Brunswickers”, concluded Légère.