Paramedics Union disappointed in government stalling tactics

Fredericton: The Union representing the New Brunswick Paramedics, CUPE local 4848, is disappointed with the government tactics to delay the adoption of a legislation which would allow first responders to access Workers’ Compensation coverage for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“Last week, the government supported the principle of a Private Member Bill that proposed amendments to the Workers’ Compensation Act. The amendments would allow first responders to be eligible for workers’ compensation for PTSD without having to prove that their condition is work-related”, explained Denny Cogswell, spokesperson for CUPE 4848.

“Bill 15 was adopted in second reading by the members of the Legislature but it’s more than likely that it will never come back for a third reading. It seems the government will not fully support the amendments until lengthy studies and more detailed information can be obtained.”

“This is very disappointing. We are seeing more first responders suffering from PTSD and we need to have a system in place that will give them the help they need at an early stage.”

“Similar legislation was adopted in Alberta three years ago and other provincial jurisdictions are following in their footstep. We urge government to work with the opposition parties on this really important legislation and not delay any further the adoption of those amendment which will streamline the process for first responders seeking help for PTSD,” concluded Cogswell.