Federal cuts to Health Care need to be reversed

MONCTON: About fifty people demonstrated today outside the constituency office of Conservative Member of Parliament Robert Goguen to mark the one-year anniversary of the expiration of the Health Accord.

The demonstrators demanded the renewal of the Health Accord.

“Since the 10-year Health Accord negotiated between the federal and provincial expired, the federal Conservatives have already reduced health care funding by $987 million.” said Odette Robichaud, CUPE NB vice-president.

“In New Brunswick the transfer cut is about $17,5 millions this year. This reduction is equivalent to 44 hospital beds or 240 long term care beds.”

“Over 10 years, New Brunswick will lose approximately $ 715 million.”

“The refusal of the conservative government to renew the Accord puts our system of public health care at risk.”

“The Health Accord provided the provinces with stable funding and sets national standards and ensured that in every province, we received the quality health care we needed.”

“Already we are asking overstretched health care workers to do more for less. The Conservative cuts need to be reverse,” concluded Robichaud.