CUPE NB: Daniel Légère re-elected President

FREDERICTON: Delegates at the CUPE NB 52nd Annual Convention reelected Daniel Légère as president, last weekend in Fredericton.

Daniel Légère told the delegates that he was committed to work for advancement of the workers’ issues.

“We have many challenges in front of us this year. We need to stop the Gallant Government’s austerity agenda.”

Convention delegates adopted an action plan to fight the government’s austerity agenda. The plan will focus on the mobilization of CUPE membership. “We will reach out to New Brunswickers. We need to stop the erosion of our public services.”

“We need to protect public services for all New Brunswickers. We can’t let the government slash public services.”

Daniel Légère, a member of CUPE Local 1251, was first elected president of the Division in 2005.