Horizon Health Network CEO must change his ‘ideology’

FREDERICTON: The mandate of the Horizon Health Network CEO, John McGarry, is not to privatize health care but to provide public health care for all New Brunswickers.

“John McGarry is not a private health-care consultant anymore. His role is not to promote a ‘greater use of private health-care firms’ but to deliver public health services”, said Daniel Légère, President of CUPE NB.

“We are very concerned when Horizon’s CEO is promoting at public functions ‘opportunities for the private sector to get more involved in our system’.”

“Health Minister Victor Boudreau wants the private sector to play a greater role in the province’s health-care system and it seems Horizon CEO shared his views.”

“Health care is not-for-profit. New Brunswickers are already funding public health care with their taxes. Why would they have to pay a private company to get a public service? If we go down that path, where will it stop? What will happen to New Brunswickers who can’t afford to pay for private services?”

“The Liberals were not elected on a mandate to privatize health care and to reduce services to rural New Brunswickers. In their election program, they talked about ‘better health care’ not private health care”, concluded Légère.