More layoff and service reduction in health care

FREDERICTON: The Horizon Health Network will reduce or completely close the cafeteria services as of next month in all its hospitals.

The Union representing the cafeteria workers, CUPE Local 1252, was notified this morning of the coming reduction of services.

“We were informed that 13 full-time equivalent positions are impacted by the decision which will affect 25 workers”, said CUPE Local 1252 president Norma Robinson.

“All hospitals in the Horizon network are affected by the cuts but once more, rural New Brunswick will be hit the hardest. We were told that cafeteria services will be completely closed in Sussex, St. Stephen and Centracare. Cafeteria hours at all other Horizon network facilities will be reduced.”

“A few weeks ago, Horizon Health Network announced the need to relax the rules around visiting hours at provincial hospitals so families could have better access to a family member. Now, families will have limited access or no access at all to cafeteria services. This decision will only put a burden on family members that may come straight from work to visit.”

Norma Robinson wonders if the Horizon Health Network officials actually take the time to consider the impact of their decisions. “We only see the reductions of a service but never a reduction to the upper echelons of management. The government again fails to see that healthcare is about providing a service and cannot be seen a revenue making business. The Liberal government’s review is nothing short of closing hospitals in this province. As far as we are concern this is the only the first step towards the closure of hospitals.”

“New Brunswickers should be concerned about this announcement. We all need to be actively telling our MLAs that every citizen has the right to the same quality of Healthcare Services in this province,” concluded Robinson.