Government’s Wish List is Bad for New Brunswickers

FREDERICTON: The Strategic Program Review “wish list” released by the New Brunswick liberal government this morning is nothing more than a fear mongering strategy.

“The document release by Minister Victor Boudreau mainly outlines choices that will result in less services for New Brunswickers and the loss of many public services jobs. This is what the government calls moving forward,” said Odette Robichaud, CUPE NB Vice president.

“The proposed measures add up to 1 billion dollars and Minister Boudreau said they need to save half of that amount. He also said that if the public doesn’t want some of these cuts, they will have to find revenue options they can endorse.”

According to Robichaud, the government’s goal will divide rural and urban New Brunswick – high earners versus low earners.

“There is one choice that didn’t make the government’s wish list: restoring a fair taxation system in this province. The Tax Reform introduced by Finance minister Victor Boudreau a few years ago deprived the province of hundreds of millions dollars in revenues. New Brunswickers know that everyone must pay their fair share of taxes in order to receive quality public services that meet the needs of our communities.”

“Today, instead of restoring a fair taxation system, the Government chose to continue to slash public services and public sectors jobs,” concluded Robichaud.