School Library Hours Must be Increased

Fredericton, October 24, 2019 – As October is Canadian Library Month, CUPE Local 2745, which represents school library workers, is asking the New Brunswick government to improve funding for school libraries.

Earlier this month, Education Minister released a “Green Paper” on major changes for the NB Education System.

“Sadly, there was not a single mention of library workers or educational assistants, nor did they address the sad state of our school libraries,” noted Theresa McAllister, President of CUPE Local 2745.

“School libraries play a critical role in improving students’ literacy and critical thinking skills. Yet, libraries are undergoing staff reductions, have fewer open hours, are threatened with budget cuts and automation.

“Because government has not prioritized school libraries, there is no consistent ratio for service across the province: some school libraries are only open for students for less than twenty-one hours per week. In some schools, libraries are open for less than six hours per week!” said McAllister.

Local 2745 believes it is essential that all school libraries be staffed full time in order to provide students continuous access to the resources and expertise that library staff can offer.

CUPE Local 2745 represents over 4800 education workers in NB.