Nursing Home Final Offer Votes Halted by Province

Fredericton, Nov 19, 2019 – Without explanation nor without the Union’s agreement, the nursing homes employer association has made an application to the Labour & Employment Board to withdraw the votes on the “Final Offer” that were scheduled to happen this week in four nursing homes.

Members of CUPE Local 5327 in Néguac, Local 4796 in Tabusintac, Local 3657 in Inkerman & Local 1378 in Shippagan were supposed to vote this week.

In September 2019, Premier Blaine Higgs had requested the NB Labour & Employment Board conduct a vote on his final offer to CUPE members in 46 nursing homes. At the time, Higgs had told the Labour & Employment Board to rush the process, so all 46 locations voted before Christmas.

“The homes that have voted properly have all rejected his “offer”. It seems like the government and the employer association want to backpedal and stall to prevent a public relations mess,” said Sharon Teare, President of the NB Council of Nursing Homes Unions.

“Members are already sending a very strong message to Higgs: his offer is disrespectful. His concession demands demonstrate something worse than ignorance of the harsh realities of the sector,” said Teare.

To date, the votes in the following homes have been completed:

Villa Sormany – Robertville                                       90.0% NO
Foyer Notre Dame de Lourdes – Bathurst             93.4% NO
York Manor – Fredericton                                          87.4% NO

“When the employers made the Application to withdraw on Monday, they never gave workers an explanation as to why they wanted these four votes halted,” said Patrick Roy, CUPE Coordinator for the nursing home locals. “It made even less sense when I saw that votes for 5 more nursing homes remained on the schedule for the coming weeks,” said Roy. The votes are still scheduled in the following locations:

Foyer Assomption, Rogersville (Nov. 27); Foyer Saint-Thomas, Memramcook (Dec. 2); Villa du Repos, Moncton (Dec. 3); Villa Providence, Shediac (Dec. 4) & Forest Dale Home, Riverside Albert (Dec. 9)

“Workers have had enough of stall tactics. Anti-constitutional laws, futile bargaining sessions, legal battles, court delays, rejection of legislature votes and now this. It’s time the Premier put his ego aside and settle a fair deal once and for all,” concluded Teare.