Casualization of Full-time Work Is Dishonest

Moncton, February 18, 2020 – The City of Moncton management hides a dirty secret. It has been exploiting employment contract language loopholes to penny pinch workers. Over 20% of all municipal outside workers are without ordinary benefits, job protection and wages all other City employees have.

The Union representing municipal outside workers is doing all it can to fix this injustice in contract bargaining talks. Yet, the City is outright refusing to recognize this as a problem.

“We have members getting paid 65% of what a full-time regular worker makes,” said Leo Melanson, President of CUPE Local 51.

CUPE’s Research Branch discovered that Moncton’s pay ratio for casuals is currently the lowest of any city in New Brunswick.

“We have members working here, who have been doing full-time work for 7 years, never been laid off, but are stuck in this ‘casual’ designation,” said Melanson. “Equal pay for equal work should be the goal here. I hope these workers will be recognized with full-time positions,” he added.

“The City is growing. It’s long overdue that workers, may they be casual, regular, seasonal or even summer students, got a fair wage adjustment,” said Marcos Salib, CUPE Servicing Representative.

Bargaining talks between the Union and the City are at a standstill. The Union requests many casual work positions should be reclassified as permanent positions. Management is not interested in fixing this problem or improving their below-than-inflation wage proposal.

“We want the City to return to the table. Why they left in the middle of conciliation talks is beyond me. We should be talking about better services for citizens,” concluded Salib.