May 1st Declaration

International Workers Day is celebrated around the world every May 1st. The date was proclaimed in 1889 in recognition of workers’ collective action for an 8-hour work day. At this time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of working-class solidarity and the need to organize have never been greater. Workers are being exploited in all sectors. Decent and safe working conditions are being eroded and inequality in the distribution of wealth is growing by the minute.

The pandemic has proven what we have always known: It is workers who keep our communities going, deliver essential goods and services, and will step up during a crisis and put their lives on the line to protect all citizens. Workers are the backbone of society.

The pandemic has also exposed the naked truth that governments around the world, under pressure from the ruling class, have grossly underfunded the infrastructure necessary to provide for the health and safety of all citizens.

Throughout history, when pushed to the tipping point, workers have united, shown their strength and stood up for social and economic justice.

To all workers, private sector or public sector, unionized or not, we celebrate and pay tribute to the enormous sacrifices you make for the good of all.