Four More Locals Take Strong Strike Votes

September 22, 2021CUPE NB and the leaders of the CUPE Centralized Bargaining Team held an online press conference today to announce the results of four more locals having completed strike votes. Out of the 10 provincial locals conducting strike votes, seven CUPE locals have now completed their votes.

“With this strong mandate, front-line workers are saying to Premier Higgs to listen carefully. New Brunswick workers are the least paid public sector workers in Canada. They want and deserve a fair deal now,” said Stephen Drost, President of CUPE NB.

The results of locals 1251, 1253, 1418, and 2745 were counted Monday. They follow the same patterns established last week by locals 1840, 1866, and 5017 who gave strong strike mandates.

“Despite the difficulties created by the pandemic, close to 9,400 CUPE members have already cast a ballot in this vote. Members are clear. It’s time to fix our public services and the people who deliver them. The best place to start doing so is at the bargaining table through fair wages,” said Drost.

CUPE Locals Contract Expiry Date YES % vote Turnout
1251 – NB institutional services and care June 2017 98% 774 voted
1418 – Rehabilitation, therapy and RCPO August 2017 92% 1,106 voted
1253 – NB school district unions March 2019 97% 2,747 voted
2745 – NB educational support staff February 2018 91% 4,479 voted

CUPE Local 1252, which represents close to 11,000 Healthcare workers, begins their vote tomorrow, September 23rd, until the 25th. Most votes will be conducted just outside their workplaces. CUPE Local 1190 and 5017 which represent more than 1,800 workers together, will post voting dates soon.