CCNB workers vote 96% in favour of strike action

Fredericton, October 1st 2021 – Local 5026, which represents the francophone community colleges (CCNB) operational employees (i.e. trades, clerical, warehouse, building maintenance, engineers, lab assistants, and custodians), voted massively for a strike.

“The members have spoken loud and clear and are showing their displeasure with Premier Higgs’ inaction,” said Brian Nadeau, President of Local 5026.

“Eighty-four employees voted, and the Local is 96% in favour of strike action. 81 members voted in favour of strike action,” said Christine Goguen, Vice-President of Local 5026.

This strike vote follows that of CUPE Local 1252 healthcare workers who obtained strong job action votes last Wednesday. Local 5026 is the ninth to conclude its vote among the 10 locals engaged in coordinated bargaining with the centralized bargaining team.

“We are a smaller group in terms of numbers, but as others, we also need wage adjustments that go beyond inflation. We have lost too much ground in the last 10 years,” said the vice-president.

The local believe that a strike in their sector would lead to the closure of the NBCCs. “Without the custodial workers, the tradespeople, the NBCCs will likely not open,” she said. “One thing is certain, we don’t want a strike, but we are at the end of our rope, we want to be heard and respected,” concluded Christine Goguen.