CUPE Local 486 Membership Ratify Tentative Agreement

Saint John, NB – October 10, 2023 — On Monday, the members of CUPE Local 486 voted in favour of ratifying the tentative agreement reached on October 7th. With this crucial step taken by our members, the onus now rests on the Saint John City Council and Saint John Board of Police Commissioners to convene and approve their side of the new collective agreement on October 10. This approval will effectively end the strike that began on September 12, 2023.

“This strike was needlessly prolonged by the City, but today we can finally announce that we have a mutually acceptable agreement,” stated Brittany Doyle, President of CUPE Local 486. “I wish to thank the residents of Saint John, our fellow union locals, and all our supporters for their unwavering solidarity. The deal we have today would not have been possible without their support,” added Doyle.

Throughout the course of this strike, the City’s actions and behaviour have often been at odds with fair labour practices and respect for those involved.  “The City will have to mend fences with its staff. Their actions and aggressive communications have left many with a bitter taste,” said Doyle.

CUPE Local 486 believes councillors Brent Harris and Joanna Killen should be immediately reinstated to their positions with full rights and privileges. “The Mayor and Council must issue a public apology for their unjust treatment of those two who simply took the time to understand their employees’ issues, a sign of good leadership and integrity, unfortunately, that is not common right now with our present mayor and the majority of council,” concluded Michael Davidson, CUPE Servicing Representative.