Update to members on Bill 17 – Injunction

Important update on the recent court ruling regarding our injunction demand to stop the changes to the pension plans of CUPE members in education (Locals 1253 and 2745) and nursing homes (NBCNHU).

The Court of Kings’ Bench has just communicated that it would not agree to an injunction. Yet, remember this injunction ruling doesn’t decide if Bill 17 (the Pension Transfer Act) respects the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom or not.

We’re still going ahead with our Charter challenge. Injunctions against legislation remain notoriously challenging to achieve in New Brunswick. Yet, after multiple days in court on the injunction, we are confident our case has been made stronger by what we’ve been able to present in court to Juge Ivan Robichaud in regards to the injunction.

We will not let PC MLAs and Premier Higgs get away with breaking signed collective agreements. CUPE members, like all workers, deserve a dignified and secure retirement.

We remain unwavering in our commitment to defending the rights of our members and advocating for improved pensions.

The Locals are discussing the next steps and legal options. We will keep you updated.