Shocking Healthcare Scandal in NB: $174M Wasted on Overpriced Staffing Contracts

CUPE Local 1252 reveals damning findings from the NB Auditor General’s report. Instead of investing in our hardworking in-house healthcare workers, the NB government has funneled over $175 million into for-profit staffing agencies.

Here’s the shocking truth:

💸 Public sector PSWs: $23/hr 💸 Private contracted PSWs: Up to $162/hr 💸 Public sector nurses: $30-$46/hr 💸 Private contracted nurses: Up to $306/hr

And it gets worse… 🔍 No receipts required for expenses like flights, meals, and hotels. 📝 Contracts written entirely by staffing companies with no oversight. ⚖️ No legal review of any contracts. 🕒 Companies billing for 12-hour shifts when working as few as 3.5 hours.

While our government nickel-and-dimes public sector workers, it’s rolling out the red carpet for corporate predators. Enough is enough! It’s time to put an end to this corporate welfare and invest in our public healthcare workforce.