Saint John Laundry workers need your help! Email the Minister

What is happening to the Saint John laundry workers in unacceptable.  Copy and paste this text in an email to the Minister responsible for Service New Brunswick (Mary Wilson) to show you stand with the laundry workers.

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Dear Honourable Minister Mary Wilson, dear Leaders of the Opposition

I am writing to you today to intervene in the unsafe and toxic workplace at the Saint John Laundry Plant, operated and managed by Service New Brunswick (SNB).

Over the previous years, CUPE Locals 1251 and 1190 denounced how little to no attention was given by SNB to deal with the Plant manager’s unsafe work practices and the culture of fear and intimidation he maintains.

Then, there was an incident on March 3,  2021, where the plant manager completely disregarded basic health and safety of the whole staff, just to maintain productivity above all else. Workers and their unions are saying “Enough is enough,” SNB needs to step in and fix this situation.

I wholly support the worker’s demands, which go as follows:

  1. Management must be held accountable for the March 3rd incident, up to and including immediate termination of the plant manager;
  2. There must be an independent third-party investigation done on the incident; and
  3. There must be an independent third-party investigation into the toxic workplace, covering the ongoing issues, with a complete and transparent report provided to the workers’ union locals.

Reliable laundry service is essential to the operation and delivery of health care. This is even truer in times of a pandemic, because it is a vital part in infection control and patient care. The 120 workers of the Saint John Laundry are providing clean isolation gowns, surgical linen, patient gowns, bed sheets, towels and environmental products for our healthcare system. Like any workers, they also deserve respect, dignity and a safe working environment.

Thank you,